Our Missions In Peru

In 1999, we began our ministry in an area outside of Lima, Peru called Ensenada. Initially the vision was to feed children that had been left homeless and abandoned because of terrorism brought about by activities of the "Shining Path" organization. We met a pastor who had been working in the area named Ruben Cano. He was feeding the street children but financially he needed help to continue. We began partnering with him. Our first project that we undertook was to construct a building. This building was needed to begin the feeding program and provide a safe haven for the children. House of Hope began organizing teams to go to Peru and we called this building "Children's House of Hope."


Early on we thought it would be an orphanage but this would never materialize because God had a better plan that would provide help for many more children than we could have ever imagined. With the efforts of many volunteers and several years later, we now have a three-story building that houses the feeding program, a feeding outreach coordinator and Sunday school and where worship services are held each week. Sister Ana Mendoza is the pastor and attendance continues to grow as the people experience the presence of God.


God began opening other doors to minister in poor areas in Lima. The next feeding center that was opened was in Brisas El Norta. Sister Sylvia who had been helped by the feeding program in Ensenada began feeding children in her home in an area known as Rosa Luz. It quickly became evident that a building was needed to continue the work that she had begun in her home. Once again, we invited volunteers to come to Peru and work on House of Hope feeding center #2. This facility has grown to where we are now feeding around 250 children and have church services each week with a dedicated pastor & wife team, Christian & Miriam Colon.


God continued to open doors for ministry and our next feeding center would be in the mountainous area called Collique. Once again we invited volunteers from the United States to come and work on a building. This is our 3rd facility. This is one of the poorest areas of Lima. Sister Martha heads up the feeding program. She is doing a great job of organizing the feeding program at this center feeding over 300 children. The pastor is Eduardo Mendoza. He is also the director of House of Hope Ministries for all the center that we now operate in Lima.


With God's leading we reached out to another needy area of Lima called Payet. God laid it upon the heart of one of our faithful contributors to provide the funds to purchase a house that we now have converted to a feeding/minitry center. We began reaching into the community almost immediately providing food to the needy. The pastor and wife team at Payet is Rolando & Sara Mendoza. Needs are being met and God's Word is going forth and the people are being blessed in this extremely needy area.

We've also partnered with Pastor Edgar Perez and his wife, Maria in Ventinalla in providing donations to help with his feeding program which feeds over 250 at his church. He is an ordained minister with the Church of God organization. It's all about working together for the Kingdom of God and being His hands extended to the hurting and downtrodden of this world.Every center springs forth with the living water which is Jesus Christ. As the water flows it washes souls and exposes the needs of the hurting people. As this ministry helps with these needs, we show the evidence of God's faithfulness to a lost and dying world. This is House of Hope today, reaching out to the needy and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. Partner with us to reach the world for Christ and bring hope to a world of darkness.

Here's a map of Lima so you can see the different areas we're working in.

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